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Living Slim and Healthy with Irvingia gabonensis

Living Slim and Healthy with Irvingia gabonensis


Irvingia gabonensis also known as Ogbono, Dika nuts and African wild mango is a fruit found in western to southwestern tropical Africa from Nigeria to Angola.

Irvingia gabonensis abbreviated as Ig in this article plays an important role in the rural Nutrition, Income and Traditional Medicine branches of these countries.

Through the help of the United Nation in Forestry and Agricultural Projects for Africa, a lot of researches have been made to enhance the production and commercial use of Ig as nutritional, income yielding and medicinal product for African countries. But, many of these researches have been done contrary to the intentions of the United Nation to increase forestry and food in Africa by experiments with the fresh leaves and stem bark. The use of the fresh leaves and stem bark as commercial products will rapidly lead to destruction of the plant and forest and thereby resulting in scarcity of the fruits and seeds as nutritional products for these countries which is against the campaign of the United Nation to enhance forestry and food in Africa.

That is why, it is important to advise all those interested in the functions and use of Ig to avoid all products made from the fresh leaves and stem bark because most functions attributed to these products are also functions derived from the fruit and seed products and even more as described in other topics of this article.

Effect of Food Products with Irvingia gabonensis

The following effects and comments mentioned in this article are results derived from controlled and uncontrolled studies carried out on voluntary participants.

Effect on Digestion and Gastrointestinal tract absorption

The regular intake of Ig increases the digestion rate and controlled optimal absorption through the intestinal tract membrane due to the high contents of Amino peptides and Phoshatidylcholine which are also permanent composition of the cells. During the digestion and absorption processes, the content Albumins are used as carrier and Albumins are also permanent components of human tissue and fluid, therefore, making the absorbed nutrients and dietary fibre available at the right time to the body.

Effect on Feeding Satisfaction and Body Mass Index Balance

Through the daily intake of Ig is the sense of satisfaction reactivated or enhanced through the effect of certain hormones, for example Leptin that are produced due to the influence of the high content of amino peptides present. The interaction of the produced Leptin with Arginine leads to effects on certain genes and enzymes through the inhibition and promotion of metabolic pathways, which are favourable at that point in time for the maintenance of the body mass index balance (BMI balance).

The BMI balance is the optimal mean correlation between the major components responsible for a healthy body mass index, therefore, elaborating the facts about recent studies on body volume index. A healthy body maintains this balance through the sense of satisfaction and metabolic pathways. In other words, all excess composition are metabolised or excreted out of the body to keep an adequate BMI balance.

Effect on Blood Glucose and Cholesterol

The daily intake of Ig leads to a combination of the Ig with the bile acids in the gut and these are then excreted from the body through the faeces. This process forces the body to convert more cholesterol to bile acids and therefore, reducing the blood cholesterol.

In the same way, the diet with Ig reduces the blood glucose due to the fact that it selects the favourable metabolic pathways for the maintenance of an adequate body mass index balance. In this way, Ig regulates the absorption and metabolism of sugar after a meal.

This attribute makes Ig an optimal diet for diabetics and prevention of diabetes.

Effect on Body Immunity

Regular diets with Ig increases the resistance to illness and defence of the body against infections due to the high content of vitamin C. Vitamin is known to be anti oxidant and also has anti microbial effect, therefore, it is right to say that Ig provides better immunity, anti aging effect and accelerates healing processes.

Effect on Sexual Activity

The regular intake of Ig increases the release of sexual hormones through the conversion of the sex steroids in fat tissue and this effect leads to a better sex life.

This aspect of Ig confirms the facts already provided by clinical studies that a regular sex life leads to a considerable weight loss, higher immunity and longer life.

Effect on Skin

Phoshatidylcholine a component lipid present in Ig seed has been proofed to be a very effective ingredient in skin formulations like shown by Kuhs cosmetic company in Germany in their Probiol products. Secondly, Vitamin C is known to be a very good anti oxidant and this is also present in Ig seed at high quantity. These seed components in combination with other essential oils, amino peptides and the gum parts qualifies Ig to be a good skin conditioning and anti aging ingredient for the reduction of wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulites in skin formulations.

Side Effects of Diet with Irvingia gabonensis

Ig has no harmful side effects but some side effects are experienced during the diet or meals with Ig. The known effects include Flatulence, unusual Urinating rates, unusual Sex desire and Sleeping problems.

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These side effects are generated due to the function of Ig and it's activity in the continuous selection of metabolic pathways that are favourable for the maintenance of an adequate body mass balance, which results in the synthesis of high energy through metabolic processes and hormones in the body.

These side effects can be reduced or eliminated by doing a lot of activities during the day.


This article is not intended to criticise the works of other scientist but to confirm them and also emphasize that the functions attributed to the diet with Ig is far more beyond the effects of Leptin, Adiponectin and Glycerol-3 phosphate dehydrogenase because high concentrations of leptin has also been found in some obese patients. Rather, is the attribute functions of diet with Ig a more complicated mechanism which involves the combination of the effects of enzymes, hormones, Amino peptides, proteins, and genomic processes that controls the inhibition and promotion of metabolic pathways that are suitable for the maintenance of an adequate BMI balance and this is independent from the daily dosage.

Nevertheless, it might be that a minimum daily dosage is required to achieve a remarkable weight loss in a period of about 10 weeks like published by Dr. Oben et al. in their clinical studies about Ig.

Generally, it is correct that Ig is the ideal daily diet to reduce weight, for diabetes, reduce cholesterol induced health problems, enhance immunity, have a better sex activity and maintain a healthy body mass index balance without getting hungry or having harmful side effects like from other weight watching diets or pills.

Irvingia gabonensis in the year 1816

The medicinal, weight reduction and hunger inhibition effects of Ig was long discovered in Africa by Chief Okundaye, Oba n' Ogbe, Uwangue of Benin Kingdom since 1816. This was the knowledge he used in keeping the Benin army fit through the several wars they went through.

This know how also gave him is praise name Ekpen n' Ziengbe ohanwen which means the Tiger who bears hunger. The Oba palace in Benin City, Nigeria can still proof this historical event.

His generations have always kept an Ig plantation till date.

Notice to all readers

Living slim and healthy is a task that requires discipline, patience and time.

So don't be irritated when your desired weight is not attained after 2 weeks because healthy processes takes a minimum of about 4 weeks to show remarkable changes and results.


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My names are Prince Esosa Peter Okundaye, born in Benin City, Nigeria. I studied microbiology at the University of Benin in Nigeria. Presently, I am the head of department of the Quality control department of Kuhs cosmetic research and development company in Lrrach, Germany.

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